Tune: Trouble

Iggy Izalea and Jennifer Hudson - Trouble

Remember when Tay Tay strutted onto the scene, singing about how she knew Trouble had walked in? And we were all like, "Yeah, you go Tay!!" cos, you know, we've probably all had one of those moments at one time or other....

Well THIS song, by Iggy Azalea and Jennifer Hudson is literally going make Taylor's troubles look like a walk in the park. Yes, they're not the most obvious duo, but this absolutely works. This amazing "girl power" anthem is going to have you hitting the dance floor this Summer.

Skip to around 4 mins and 35 seconds to see the girls rockin' it at the iHeart Awards. And if you really stick around, you'll be able to see Nick Jonas doing his thing and that's pretty good too!

What do you think of Iggy and Jen's collab? Better than Iggy and Rita?!


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