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Current Body Blogger Event

So May has been yet another crrrrazy month!
Last week, every night was jam-packed with fun stuff including a blogger meeting with ASOS, Maccabees gig, Cocktails in the City and a chance to check out the amazing range from Current Body...

This event has to be one of the faves that I have been to recently! The location was gorgeous (Artisan, Spinningfields) the canapes were DELISH, and I actually learnt some stuff on the night!? Current Body is basically the home of everything technological in home beauty  - which is perfect for a girl like me who is useless at getting to a salon! Literally, I can just about sort my hair out, but anything beyond that just seems like a hassle!

Luckily, Current Body have all things beauty and skin care related to sort out your woes, without the need to go to a salon. The team at the event were brill and reeeally knew their stuff. I could have very easily been talked into spending a fortune on amazing items like the Illuminage, which stops wrinkles before they even begin (say whuuuutt!!). Or the Pulsaderm buddy, which has loads of different brushes - so you can do everything from take your make up off to exfoliate your feet, all with the same tool!! So cool.

The best bit of the evening was getting beauty tips from Emma at CurrentBody who does all the videos for the site! This girl knows everything about everything home beauty, and told us all about her recommendations from the site (Clarisonic and Foreo Luna to name a few).

Current Body Blogger EventCurrent Body Blogger Event
Current Body Blogger Event Talks
Current Body Blogger Event

Do you have any particular beauty treatments that you do at home?!

I'm currently trialling a Magnitone brush so I'll be doing a review on that very soon...


  1. I'm about to trial a Magnitone, too. Looking forward to seeing how we get on!


  2. Divya Khilosia27 May 2015 at 09:48

    This looks like such a fun event!

    I have been using the clarisonic and I love it! But love to see how you get on with the Magnitone!

  3. Oh wow, sounds like you've had a busy but amazing time lovely. The event looks so fab too, those canapes.... ;)


  4. Looks like a great event! :)

    I don't do more than the usual standard beauty routines at home though, haha! A bit time poor at the moment with baby ;)

    Away From The Blue

  5. The food was unreal!! I'm going back to Artisan for another event next week (as soon as they mentioned canapes, I was like, Yes Please!!!!) haha! xx

  6. Oh really!? Well I have a review coming up tomorrow, so feel free to give it a read and let me know how you think it compares to the Clarisonic! :-) xx

  7. Ooh send me the link to your blog post when you've reviewed it, I'd be interested to see how you got on! My review is going live tomorrow.... xx

  8. I only just got mine so it's due up in a few weeks :) I like to give skincare a thorough whirl! x


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