OOTD: Talking M&S and Wearing Flares

Denim Flares on Rock On Holly Blog

So, last night I went out for a few drinkys for one of my friends birthday! And as we were arriving we were all saying things like "Ooh hi, you look lovely, like your top..." the usual girly chatter! And then conversation quickly turned into where our outfits were from. And you'll be surprised to hear that 2 of the main stores mentioned were Next and Marks and Spencer! Now, this group of girls may all be over the age of 25, but I'll have you know that they are all super stylish ladies!

We were all commenting on how trendy and affordable M&S has got recently (especially me, as I had luckily been to check out their Spring Collection Fashion Show!) But, it's so true. It seems like whilst some stores like Topshop / H&M and even Primark!! seem to be inching up their prices slowly, M&S are going the other way. I LOVE Topshop, but sometimes when the basic starting price for a sweater is £42, you know you're only going to be able to afford 1 or 2 things at a time. I have always associated Marks and Spencer with high quality, classic pieces. But now they seem to be responding to their audiences and introducing some more fashion led, affordable items.

Which brings me nicely to my top here!

This black and white top from Marks and Spencer is made from a lovely scuba material and was £29.50. Unfortunately, it looks like this has now sold out as Marks and Spencer currently have a sale on! (definitely time to browse for bargains) I also recently picked up an amazing floral bomber jacket which I'll have to style up soon!

ASOS Denim Flares on Rock On Holly Blog

Outfit details:
Top: Marks and Spencer via Fashionchick*
High Rise Skinny Flares: Liquor and Poker at ASOS
Heels: ASOS

Hat: Zara (Similar floppy hat from Catarzi at ASOS)
Frith Black Leather Bangle: Reiss
via Fashionchick*
Moon and Star Earrings - Diva at Miss Selfridge*
Ring: Rings and Tings*

70s style outfit on Rock on Holly Blog
70s style outfit on Rock On Holly Blog
Denim Flares on Rock On Holly Blog
Black and White Checked Marks and Spencer Top
70s style outfit on Rock on Holly70s style hat Rock On Holly
ASOS Denim Flares on Rock On Holly Blog

After swearing that I would NEVER buy a pair of flares again... I am pleasantly surprised to see these beauties on the Blog! *Never Say Never*

The bootcut is actually quite flattering (who knew) and I love that these jeans from Liquor and Poker seem to have given me a bit of a booty that Kim K could be proud of! ;-) Bonus.

Also, suede is gonna be HUGE this Summer! I've already seen some gorge pieces on Missguided that are really festival-worthy. My heels are actually from ASOS last year I think, but they fit this years 70s and Suede trend perfectly. YES!!
How cute are these Moon and Star earrings from Diva at Miss Selfridge? I'm actually wearing these like a standard earring here, but they're actually called Front and Back earrings, you can wear them with the star as a stud earring and the moon at the back - which gives quite a cool effect (I'll post a pic on my Rock On Holly Instagram so that you can see these better!)

FYI: there's 25% off all Diva jewellery at the moment!

Diva Earrings from Miss Selfridge on Rock On Holly
Rock On Holly Outfit of the Day

Hope you like my slightly retro look! Would you wear flares?!

Have you shopped at Marks and Spencers recently?


  1. Love your outfit Holly! I never really think to go in M&S either, just wish I suited flares, think my hips are too wide for them! haha x

  2. I'm so glad people are starting to love M&S again! I love their clothes - everything from their delicate underwear and pyjamas to simple t-shirts and dresses. I'm really looking forward to exploring their store for my summer wardrobe... just need the sun to shine a little bit more! :)

  3. Love your look! Your legs look endless and the hat is perfect!


    Seize your Style

  4. Seventies with a modern twist - love it xxx

  5. M&S really does have its moments, I've iften thought that, sadly it doesn't send them to Hull so I often miss them unless I hit somewhere like York which has the BEST branch ever! Adore this top, may need to steal it off you when I see you end of the month xx ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ˜™

  6. That top is lovely, and it looks great with the flares! You wear flared jeans well :)

    Away From The Blue

  7. Love this retro look! The jeans are not my style (but definitely look gorgeous on you!) but I can see me wearing this top (:
    Nati xx

  8. Gorgeous look!


  9. Love it! So unique
    I love M&S for basics like camisole tops- I have about 6 identical black ones!
    Imogen’s Typewriter. <3

  10. I know what you mean about Next and Marks and Spencers, but I'm actually a huge fan of both (and I'm 22)... both have some amazing pieces :) Love this look, looking incredible as ever lovely!


  11. I LOVE how you've paired this with a monochrome top bringing the 70's into the now!

  12. Thank you! Glad you like the look! :-) xx

  13. Ahh thank you very much! :-) xxx

  14. Haha! You can never have too many black camisole tops!! xx

  15. Thanks! I didn't think I would like them either, but they are surprisingly comfy and a nice change from skinnys! Glad you like the top! xx

  16. Thank you!! That's really nice of you to say! xx

  17. Haha! Looking forward to seeing you on Weds!! :-) xx

  18. Ooh what a compliment! That's what every 5ft 3" girl wants to hear! ;-) Thank you! xxx

  19. Exactly! I'm definitely going to be heading in there more often to see what's new... xx

  20. I bet they're not!! Haha! Try a pair! xx


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