What to Wear: The Tulle Skirt

Michael Kors Marigold Embroidered Tulle Skirt
Image: Getty - Pop Sugar
Oh, Michael Kors Marigold Embroidered Tulle Skirt... Let me count the ways I love you...

I saw this skirt on the Fashionchick Trends page this week, and then again in a Popsugar email  - THE SAME DAY. And I thought it must be fate, this skirt wants me in it's life. And I want it too!!

Sadly, at £6,847.58, that's probably not going to happen. However, now begins my hunt for something similar. I love how Michael Kors have styled this with a simple chambray shirt - so you could almost wear it to work (if you had a very fashionable job...)

Check out this gorgeous lot for style inspo:

ASOS Tulle Skirts on Rock On Holly Blog

For a more affordable option, I would recommend checking out Needle and Thread on ASOS, as they have some gorgeous coloured Tulle skirts. Team yours with a cropped vest and flat, gladiator sandals in the day, and add an embellished top and stilettos for night!

Would you wear a Tulle Skirt?


  1. Of course I would! I have 3 tulle skirts! I am such a girly girl! :) My last tulle version was with jumper and pointed heels check it out :) https://instagram.com/p/1XynXfReYF/?taken-by=yayornayinteriors

  2. Awesome post! I used to have a white one xo


  3. Such gorgeous picks here Holly, I would totally wear a tulle shirt, paired with a tighter/more tailored top and strappy heels... so lovely :)


  4. Yes, that sounds gorgeous!! Perfect for Spring - I think my fave is the pink with the stripey top... (Stripes Obsessed!!) xx

  5. It might be time to bring your white one back out of your wardrobe! ;-) I think I need to get one, just need to decide on the colour!! xx

  6. GORGEOUS!! Love this look! Perfect :-) xxx

  7. Omg I didnt realised I put a whole picture here :O I though it was a link only! No clue how I did that! :D


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